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The earliest papers were ” Chinese in Singapore,” Mr. Crimes against custom are — and certain evidence admittedly conclusive. For a later Journal I am preparing a collection of speeches from the district of Kuala Pilah ; and I hope also to print one of the several versions I have obtained locally of Undang-Undang Minangkabau. Ka-laut adat Dato J Temenggong: The genus Pliylloporus of Quelet, with spores formed by anastomosing lamellae, is well represented by Pliylloporus malaccensis No. Possibly MSrah or Marah, an old Sumatran title ; but was it confined to males?

Yet judgment was once given on appeal against a Eembau’s man’s unfortunate female relation, the judge being loathe to reject evidence collected by the ” intelligent enquiry of the local magistrate: Jika cherdek, teman berunding: Secretary, , The Governor and other functionaries were allowed to trade on their own account, especially in the importation of opium and piece goods to Java. The Journal was published thrice — in April, August and December: A List of the Butterflies of Borneo, by J. Suit your rollers to your boat. Boden, The Museum, Kuala Lumpur.

Kata manusla kata berliput. Press, Kuala Lumpur, The high way with its stepping stones, Hills and hill-bases, Lonely forest, Peep ravines, Broad plains, Sloping water-courses Belong to the birds. A tall man, he will be as a sheltering buttress; Prosperous he will be as a well-laden branch that gives shade The married man must go, when he is bid And halt, when he is forbid.

Penalties for abuse of office. Pliant but strong is a rattan. It was in connection with the latter that the writer’s atten- tion was drawn to the old English tombs in Beneoolen while seeking the burial place of Joseph Arnold, the discoverer of the Rafflesia, and that of William Jack, the author of Malayan Miscellanies, both were presumably buried there 1. Chin- dai he considers a bastard corruption of the older Javanese form, a corruption for which lie finds parallels in certain place- names— Mai.

By May Oth, communication lias been established with the Royal Asiatic Society of London, agreeing to exchange publications. Once it pulled so hard that its feet slipped, causing it to fall heavily to the ground. Dekat rnmah, hatimau kampong, Sa-kampong sa-permainan, Sa-jamban sa-permandian. Rewards were offered for the apprehension, alive or dead, of the e;isode. Jelebu Customary Songs and Sayings, collected by A.


Anak buah yang berchalun, Ibu-bapa yang punya. George Maxwell, In Malay Forests.

Stipe smooth ; pileus leather colored, smooth, opaque ; hymenium very pale drab; stipe leather colored, smooth, paler above; pileus 3. A slip brings destruction, An open hand debts, A quick tongue fines.

Our world got a prince, Our shires chieftains, Our tribes elders, Our families headmen, And the married man found a flul with the family of his wife.

Before long a conspiracy against his life was deliberated, this was know]] but Parr although warned would pay no attention.

The Library has received the usual exchanges. Kata pegawai kata berubong. His wife’s Kusut fuol, tribe con- Chiehir memungut, hilang menchari, trols and Utang membayar, piutang menerimakan protects him Oleh tempat semanda. Such members shall be deemed to be suspended from membership until their subscriptions have been paid, and in default of payment within two years shall be deemed to have resigned their membership.

If the date is correct, the tomb will be the oldest known relic in Malacca, per- haps with the exception of the Hindu malcara at the episide of the Residency hill. Flower, Butler, Rowland Ward and others under the name of Nemorhcedus sumatrensis, though Pocock has since shown that it should be known as Capricomis sumatraensis.

Eidley quite recently gave an address on the progress made by members of the Society in the different branches of physical research, and this address shonld be read as part of any record of forty years of the Society. It is approved by custom To bring to light and compare facts. Covenant makes men of one mind. Is a saying of onr hereditary custom.

Distinguished persons, and persons who have rendered notable service to the Society may on the recommendation of the RULES xxix Council be elected Honorary members by a majority at a General meeting.

He brought to the Council that long and useful service at once a source of inspiration and of help in carrying on what may be called the machinery of the Society. House to house grew near together.


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The natives knew nothing definite about the haunts and the distribution of this animal. Seven members shall form a quorum at any such meeting. Maxwell; “Notes on Gutta and Caoutchouc in the Malay Peninsula ” — with no foreknowledge however of the Hevea brasiliensis ; and a notice was issued as to the method of collecting vocabularies for comparison.

E, Municipal Offices, Singapore. Blagden gave me a transcript of the inscription on a tomb purporting to be that of Sultan Mansur Shah, one of the rulers of Malacca before the advent of the Portu- guese. Brooks the animal seems to be common in the neighbourhood, as he once saw a number of Serow skins at a native auction at Tijroep. We put our shoulders to carry out a chief’s commands.

Gauug guntoug, Bukit bukau AYaris dan penghulu yang punya. Hanitsch with 7 coloured plates. They regarded its flesh as edible, though it brought ill luck to those who ate it. Up to the kingdom of Pagar Euyong.

Pterygia horrificus Walker List Horn. Society and the political constitution has different grades. Gray, List of Mammalia, British Museum, ] j.

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Annandale with eposode plates. Crime leaves its trail like a water-beetle. Adams and Allan, Penang, [Vice-President, ; ]. One specimen bearing Baker’s duplicate Xo.

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I think the oldest member of the Society now in Singapore is Mr. Amendments to these Eules must be proposed in writing to the Council, who shall submit them to a General Meeting duly summoned to consider episoce. A criminal leaves traces of his crime and cannot explain his movements. The path over the knolls in the swamps Belongs to the tribal headmen.