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It is also an auto lose to any of the fringe combo decks people seem to randomly play on ladder. I do not have a set stream schedule since i work full time, but i try to put informative content up there as much as possible. Like this, obviously not this. Why not double direhorn instead of saronite? October 6, at 4: I’m not saying it’s good at 7 Mana, just that it’s better than at 6 because the only viable deck you’d run this type of card in is odd warrior. Set in the shattered, otherworldly region of the Netherstorm in Outland , the science-themed expansion is centered around the famous Dr.

October 23, at 3: September 17, at 9: Did you read what the guy said? September 5, at 1: The deck’s gameplan is to draw cards during the early to mid-game, and setup for a finishing blow with Holy Wrath during the late game. It is great in killing taunts like alley armoursmith bloodhoof brave, dirty rat. The main reason to play the aggressive variant of Murloc Paladin over the more-solid mid-range variant is the Aggro Paladin’s matchup versus the dreaded Quest Rogue if they don’t run Doomsayer and Miracle Rogue.

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Now with Doomsayer and Wisp, the Quest-focused version of Hearthztoneultra Rogue is more threatening than ever as even aggro opponents may not be fast enough to close games. As a fellow fan of Control-style decks, let me posit this question: Replacements for Garrosh and the second Brawl? Sure aggro was cancer but there has never been a meta without cancer.

Combo Priest is a deck that relies on spell synergies available between Lyra the Sunshard, Radiant Elemental, and Shadow Visions to generate card advantage during the mid-game. June 9, at 2: Hey nickel, the number 1 rule is to never spent all your dust right away for a new expansion — the situation you are hearthstonrultra right now is the very reason why.


Hearthstone Meta Tier List – The Best Standard Meta Decks (February ) – Hearthstone Top Decks

Although some players continue to have decent success with the “normal” Mid-Range Paladin list, most players have shifted towards the more pro-active variant that packs the early-game Murloc minions. But, Miracle Rogue also received the best cards among all classes from Journey to Un’Goro to compensate this disadvantage. Murloc Paladin often aims to take control of the board before pushing for damage, similar to a zoo deck.

Placing a Magnetic minion to the left of an existing Mech will cause the two to automatically combine their stats and card text into a bigger, more powerful minion, while playing the Warriog card to the right of the existing minion will cause it to be a standalone minion.

Hearthstone Meta Tier List – The Best Standard Meta Decks (February 2019)

Lower Priority keep only if certain conditions are met: It’s also RNG dependent. Also, kobold gave you both a weapon AND Marin the fox….

Are you aware, that not all people keep spending lots of money on this game, to make sure they can play a SHudderwock shaman is at least a high tier two, if not a tier one, deck. Kodo could kill an alley Armorsmith and then you would still have to deal with a stone hill and a bloodhoof. I love secret hunter i reccomend this deck its soo good its not that good againts odd pali but like what can i do if i vet bad draw its hell and how can i get more draw bcs subject 9 its not enough.

A situation that I have found time and time again is that your opponent can set up lethal and not clear the board, which let you sneak a win with Bloodlust.


June 20, at February 17, at 1: June 1, at April 22, at 8: And he doesnt expect to be ahead, just the game to be more fun. With a hearthxtoneultra starting hand, Purify Priest is able to beat down the opponent as early as turn 5, making it a strong choice to climb the ladder. I come only to rated rank 17 with it. Sonecarox viewers Novo item na loja para quem nunca foi sub.

Quest Warrior Deck List Guide – Boomsday – August 2018

May 31, at 3: This deck can really adapt its gameplan to what it’s playing against. April 11, at 1: Aggro Druid has marked its return with multiple top 10 achievements.

June 5, at August 11, at May 12, at 3: It has a tough time hearthstoneultar big spell mage but otherwise great deck, absolutely worth it!

Its def one of the beat decks in the meta rn. Pretty sure sitting for extended periods is not even comparable to the amount of damage that smoking causes, if your going to make a comparison at least think of one that makes sense.

It’s more about learning about its weak spots. April 28, at 6: Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Currently pushing top legend with this exact deck list. If you have 22k wins with chess you are a master and can earn constant money. I pray for a Comeback in the new expansion. April 9, at 6: