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For the Fans of Outragous Fortune, They have started filmimg a prequel to the original series. It’s a drama set in the late 70’s: It shares the grandeur and ambition of The Sopranos, to which it is bound to be compared both made by HBO, both set in New Jersey and based on the perils of organised crime. Just started watching Daredevil on Netflix and so far its really good. With such a small country churning out this quality, We get to see the versatility of the same actors appearing again and again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

Just finished watching all of Misfits. We finished watching that series last night. If i can get it cheap enough ill stay only for the sports package. Top political drama regardless of origin Denmark by the way All the intrigues of a woman prime minister holding together a coalition of self interest. I’d like to know how close to the truth it is Just finished off with season one of Stranger Things on Netflix.

Didn’t know it was written by the chick that wrote weeds!

Boardwalk Empire: season one, episode one

If you like the USA ‘pioneering west’ genre then it was a bit like crossing the movie Silverado with the series Justified which in itself was a great series. It may be on foxtel. House Of Cards on Netflix is pretty good.

Foxtel is doing it tough so I reckon they will bend over backwards to keep customers Im a telstra customer and just signed up for their full package in HD for free for 3 months as a trial.


I have indeed seen all the dramas you suggested.

I thoroughly recommend that you watch ‘House of Cards’: Better Call Saul is out today; two episodes. Its quite sarcastic, plenty of swearing etc etc Is really funny actually.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Good show Of course none of them can sing and it’s totally stupid. If ya like build and test shows then I recommend sons of guns not sons of anarchy. Started with Vikings, then found Game of Thrones didn’t want to watch any others, then started watching Spartacus whilst waiting 1cnannel more episodes.

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Thanks for raising my interest towards it. Definatly one of my favourites. DVD’s are great, I have a string of 10 tied together that I drag about 3m behind my boat.

I used that site for a while, not bad at all, get a few pop ups though a pop up blocker stops most of those. It builds gradually and gets better and better – now i am waiting for Season 3! I love it, spewing a season is only 6 eps though. Game of Thrones better pick its’ length of season up or I am going to loose interest, 3 months on and 9 months off is rediculous, can’t these actors work more than three months? For the Fans of Outragous Fortune, They have started filmimg a prequel to the original series.

Reminded me of why it was great being a kid growing up in the 80’s. Like Tony Soprano, Nucky is a conflicted antihero, given to lingering in front of the boardwalk shopfront window where people pay 25 cents to look at sickly infants in incubators “See babies that weight less than 3 pounds!


Yeah Breaking Bad was very addictive. I’m currently enjoying Complications https: She’s my kinda Woman: Where can i find the very first Archer episode?

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Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Epic although the end of series 3 kinda lost me. It’s as hard-arsed as boardwwlk gets imo Some good comedy coming out lately from Archer to legally brown, ricky gervias and all, good for some belly chortles The celebration on Atlantic City’s boardwalk is one long, colourful tracking shot.

I know what you mean mate, luckily I was off work due to a rib injury last week. Has anyone seen the US series Bosch?

If you haven’t seen Banshee yet Nah this one http: Need something else to chew on. Finished series 5 of breaking bad today, final episode is a ripper! Ok, so now I am a Black sails addict. How could I forget this.

From a quick glance of my PLEX catalogue: Frank is so wrong, but very amusing. The hot host cracks me up.: